My name is Lerke Savannah Karlsen. I am an educated Chaldean Numerologist based in Denmark.

I have always had an interest in Numerology, but what really sparked it was changing my own name and the sensation that ALOT of things shifted inside me, and also changed my whole perspective on life.

It left me somewhat lost, but also curious and annoyed, as I didnt know what was going on.

Why where things changing for me? And where was it leading me? What is this??

It is only a name, isn’t it?

How come changing my name has such a PROFOUND effect on my life?

That was just some of the questions I was asking myself, as the transformation took place. It was so intense. I could not get my head around it. It left me with so many questions and the desire to know more about this mysterious enigma of Chaldean Numerology. So being the person I am, I decided to embark upon the quest of finding the best and most comprehensive, and thorough, Numerology school I could find, and enlisted immediately!

I had to figure this out!

And that is probably one of the best decisions I have taken in my life!

I find this to be my calling. This is what I am supposed to do.

Numerology has given me the ability to truly help people – and to truly understand both myself and my surroundings so much deeper, and for that I will forever be grateful.

I look forward to help You as much as I have helped myself!