Numerology Numbers

What follows are some of the most common name vibrations.

I must emphasize that these vibrations DO NOT have the same meaning if they appear as birth, month, or year numbers, or in the higher self!

I would also like to add that having only the seemingly best of the vibrations on your nameline does NOT create a balanced numeroscope.

Balanced.- Honourable with big selfconfidence, has the ability to give space to others and feel great love in relationships. Loved whereever they go! Everything happens with ease, flow and in a spontanious way. Super optimist with great integrity. Unbalanced.- Stress and confusion, projects fail due to lack of preparation and consistency. Everything happens spontaniously with a great drive that however fizzles out quite fast, and leaves projects unfinished and the person with a sense of failure. Either beloved or hated. - The experience of being disliked, and envied for, no apperant reason, will be recogniseable. Then again some people will absolutely adore and love the 10/1. So it can feel abit twisted to have this number in your numeroscope when unbalanced.
Unbalanced.- A number that is hard to master, and very unstable to have as a name vibration. It is quite omnious, and holds warnings about treachery from others, dangers and hidden trials. The number offers very poor protection, and a person with this number as a name vibration often find themselves in trouble brought on by others. They often become scapegoats and have to carry other peoples burdens and blames with no fault of their own. Due to this hardship people with this name vibration has a tendency to try and soothe themselves via food, drinking, or drugs.
Unbalanced.- Anxiety of the mind, meaning people with this name vibration has a tendency to overthink, and turn everything upside down and become confused to an extend where they blame others for their mishaps, when infact they should turn the gaze inwards and change something themselves. A number that makes the bearer feel as the victim but who most likely ISN'T the victim. Has the vibration of a failed Rock'n Roll star, who doesnt give a **** and has burned his/her bridges way too many times. Can also find themselves as the subject of other peoples plans and intrigues.
Balanced.- A number which is quite fortunate if placed correctly. If placed in the wrong postion it will bring out the worst in the numbers around it. Holds alot of geniality and transformation power. As a name vibration it will add uniqueness, humor and brilliance. Has therapeutic, political and healing energies. A fun and optimistic number.- Unbalanced.- An unfortunate number that will bring out the worst in numbers around it. The sensation of having to start over again and again, and that no matter how many times you try, things falls apart and you have to start from square one again. Gives the bearer a sense of inner turmoil where nothing is ever good enough, and the feeling that the grass is always greener on the other side.
Balanced.- A fortunate number if used modestly. Has alot of action behind it and is solid when it comes to finances and making money. It is a very communicative number and excels at networking. People with this number is great a bringing people from all walks of life together, and make them work in harmony and unison. They are very trustworthy and to the point. Has their facts straight and knows what they are talking about. Holds great authority, and is a good money number.- Unbalanced.- Talks too much and makes too great an effort to be liked, much to the annoyance of others. Becomes the opposite of trustworthy. Has problems communicating and seems shallow and flakey.
Balanced.- The most feminine of all numbers. Holds great power and a magical allure, great esthetics and takes pleasure in sensuality. Has the ability to shine its light into other peoples darkness, and has great healing and artistic abilities. A person carrying this vibration can lift other people up by his/her mere presence. It is very charismatic and charming.- Unbalanced.- This number is not suited to be used as a name vibration, as it has a tendency to become too manipulating and use its charms too calculated towards the opposite sex. Can be very dramatic and use alot of energy on playing games and mess around with other people. Does not respect other peoples emotional and mental borders, and uses way too much time meddling in their personal affairs.
Unbalanced.- represents fear, loneliness and loss. This number is not good as a name vibration. People with this number on their nameline experience alot of fear and it revolves around the fear of loosing. It can be fear of loosing your job, your beloved, your children, etc. It is a chaotic number to have on the nameline. And gives no protection whatsoever. Themes about the meaning of life and death is not uncommon for a person with this name vibration to ponder about on a regular basis.
Balanced.- A highly spiritual number and a number of rememberance beyond death. It gives the bearer a certain star quality and the ability to shine in the spotlight. All chakras are in balance, and any issues with ones metabolism will correct itself upon recieving this name vibration IF it is placed in a balanced position. Has the ability to express archetypal emotions through art and any other communication form. Has a heightened intuition, which is considered to be the greatest amongst all the numbers. Unbalanced.- Too much unwanted attention. Afraid of the spotlight, and can have a tendency to paranoia. Ambivalence due to being a great performer but not being able to handle the attention it brings. Everyone notice this person, and therefor they easily gets blamed for actions that are not theirs, just because they are so easy to spot. Can become allergic to attention.
Unbalanced.- This number is always unbalanced on the nameline as it is deemed way too aggressive to be able to handle, it becomes a destroying number instead of a supporting number. It has too much Mars energy and will make the bearer aggressive and put them in warmode, which isn't very constructive in our day and time. It is the most masculine of all numbers, and is so driven that it will work itself to death, if need be. It can lead to diseases such as cancer and tensions around the body, especially if it is stood next to unbalanced numbers.
Balanced.- Represents a pure heart and soul with a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Has pure intentions and lives to be the good son/daughter. Has a heightened sense of fairness and justice and will always strive to share sun and water equally. Very lucky and happy. Spreads optimism everywhere they go. Unbalanced.- Does not want to face reality, and becomes blinded by its own optimism. Becomes irresponsible and lives in their own fantasy world. Shuts emotions that are negative out and stays in their own delusional world of happiness.
Balanced.- Brings the bearers passion to life, ensuring that they always follow the lifepath they are supposed to be on, and stays true to their mission in life. A number that offers great protection as it is linked to beautiful angelic energies. People with this name vibration serves as an inspiration to others and gives of soft and pleasing energies, reminding others to follow their passions in life aswell. You are guided by Cosmos and have a great deal of luck and fortune in life. Money will never be an issue as it is always there when needed. Unbalanced.- Has difficulties sensing their own needs, and dont know what they want in life. Can be very much like a butterfly, flying here and there, but never quite settling in and easily lead down the wrong path. Suffers from depression due to lack of direction and purpose in life.
Balanced.- The ability to dechiper the code to succes. A very strong and wise vibration that offers great protection to the bearer. Teaches the value of preparation in order to achieve succes. Considered to be a very spiritual number as it connects to the Universe and gives insight into higher levels of consciousness. Has the ability to heal and lift people up. A very fortunate number. Unbalanced.- Work becomes a chore and dull instead of fun and interesting. There is no succes in sight no matter how skilled you become or how hard you work.
Unbalanced.- This number is always unbalanced on the nameline. It offers no protection and gives the bearer an aura of naivity and a poor ability to judge the character of others. They very often become trapped in situations where their kind hearts are taken advantage of. Even to an extend where they are exploited and used in others peoples agendas. Even then they have a really hard time seeing the bad in other people. They can always find space to forgive, and although that can be a very good ability it does not serve the persons bearing it any good.
Balanced.- This number is always balanced and offers the greatest protection of all the numbers. It is considered to be the most fortunate out of all the numbers and will always bring out the best in any number surrounding it. An angelic wing on each shoulder symbolizes that is has the protection of the heavens. An excellent money number.
Balanced.- The Venus vibration. A very fortunate number that ensures happiness in all relations, be it family, loved ones or the surrounding world. It merges feminine and masculin energies, and represents a person with a magnetic charisma who, although soft and pleasant to be around, also is a force to be reckoned with. Has great artistic and healing abilities, and a great amount of luck. It always attracts the help of others and has the ability to meet the right people at the right time. Unbalanced.- Drama in relationships, they often carry the biggest burden and do all the work but recieve no appreciation or thanks. They feel unloved and taken advantage of, which can make them quite furious. The inner Queen is not seen or appreciated and stays in the shadows much to the 24/6 frustration.
Balanced.- Learns by doing and has the potential of making an international career. A very artistic, spiritual and communicative vibration with the ability to show kindness and forgiveness/love towards oneself. Has an innate sense of gratitude towards life and the miracles it brings. Has a sharp intuition and feels connected to everyone they meet along the road. They know who they are themselves and has a great sense of other people. Excellent judges of character. Unbalanced.- Takes too much responsability early in life and carries too great a burden. Not good at taking care of their own needs, as they always put other peoples needs above their own.
Unbalanced.- This is a very poor name vibration and offers no protection to the bearer whatsoever. It holds a warning to not follow the advice of others as the advices given are not to the benefit of the reciever. People with this vibration on their nameline very often find themselves in situations where they due to poor advice suffers financial loss. The possibility of being cheated out of money and being looked down upon in discussions is the danger in this number.
Balanced.- This is a strong and powerful number which offers great protection to its bearer. It holds alot of authority and a powerful intellect. It is also called a command number as it has great leadership potential. People will follow this number not because they have to but because they want to. Unbalanced.- Too powerful and too dominant. The person is feared and not loved.
Unbalanced.- This is a number which pulls in two directions. Sort of contradicting as it has great potential for accumulating money, but at the same time the fortune might be taken away, or questioned, due to legal issues or misplaced trust in others. This number is also called The Millionaire and promises good fortune if it appears anywhere but on the nameline and the lifetheme.
Unbalanced.- This number is never harmonious on the nameline as it attracts unreliable friends or connections, who will abuse the goodheartedness of the 29/2, and most likely use them to further their own gains, without offering so much as a thank you in return. People will not uphold deals or appointments made, and will disrespect a person with this number on their nameline. All intentions are good from the side of the person bearing this number, but it does not amount to anything but dissapointment.
Balanced.- The most intellectual number of them all. Will enhance numbers around it IF these numbers are balanced and strong. Unbalanced.- A tendency to live in the past and reflect too much about it. A tendency to arrogance in regards to the value of others, and their intellectual abilities.
Unbalanced.- This number is never harmonious on the nameline. It gives a tendency to isolation, too much "geekyness" and a somewhat buckled up communication form. It has an idealistic outlook on life and has at the same time no respect for authorities. This can create quite the "basement" rebel!
Balanced.- This number is a very fortunate number. Just like the 23/5 it is a great money number, which offers alot of protection to the bearer. It gives the ability of charismatic communication combined with great leadership potential. Unbalanced.- Too much talk and too little action. People percieves the bearer as full of air and shallow.
Balanced.- Venus vibration. It is about love and family. An inspired leader, who will do his/her best to uplift both people around them and also society as a whole. A very wise, loving and kind vibration, which provides the bearer with a great sense of humor and unique teaching abilities. It is a Master Number. Unbalanced.- Chaos in family and love life, a sense of dryness surrounds them, their creative feminine energy stalls and they dont really get anything done. They become oldfashioned in their mindset, and will not adopt new ideas but stay in their own limited mental and emotional world.
Balanced.- This vibration helps the bearer to trust in lifes process, and to maintain a clear vision in life where the spiritual and the material unites. It inspires travel and to soak up everything there is to learn from foreign cultures. A grounded number compaired to the other 7's, it values facts above fantastic claims. Feels a close connection to humanity as a whole and has a huge sense of equality. Unbalanced.- Divided between the spiritual and the material, they become confused concerning which road to travel in life. Should it be the fun, challenging and exciting, that does not provide many riches, or should it be the less exciting, but more stable/boring road which in turn provides security and money? This can take up a considerable amount of mental energy and can hinder progress in life.
Unbalanced.- This vibration is never hamonious on the nameline. It creates a warlike "Mister opposite" attitude who craves power and money above anything else, and does not shun away from using immoral ways to obtain it. The person bearing this name vibration will always be in opposition, be it to society, friends or family, it has an extremely destructive version of "The Devils Advocate" incorporated in its essence.
Balanced.- Very similar to the 27/9 this vibration provides strong protection on the nameline, but still adds its own uniqueness. It is a great vibration that inspires leadership that goes beyond the smaller companies towards bigger corporations. This number has a superior drive and desire to uplift the world for the better. It adds alot of power to the bearer, making ones ideas become reality and solid as rocks. Ones sense of justice is also enhanced with this vibration, and this makes this particular leader fair and very admired amongst his/her peers and employees. Unbalanced.- The vibration turns from Corporate leader to Mafiaboss, and the career will often be build on the cost of familylife which suffers and becomes neglected. Instead of being a fair and admired leader, the vibration turns the person into an unfair and feared leader, with more of a boss vibe than a leader vibe. It becomes cold and cynical, but to become this it has to be a very unbalanced numeroscope, as this vibration in itself is very strong and it takes alot to push it towards its negative aspects.
Balanced.- This is a very fortunate number to have on the nameline. It is considered the most feminine of the 1's and provides alot of charisma, sexual moxy, and luck! 37/1 has the ability to balance out any 4-8 conflicts in the numeroscope. It is an amazing money number that gives a certain rockstar vibe, in the good sense, to the bearer. It is also called The Millionaire Rockstar number. Filled with confidence, optimism and drive this number is distinctively one of the strongest and protective of them all. Unbalanced.- When unbalanced this vibration becomes one on the verge of collaps. An excess of everything, sex, spending money, too much alcohol, etc pushes the number out of control and this beautifull vibration becomes one of a failed rockstar, whos view on life has been distorted and does not in anyway relate to reality as it is.
Unbalanced.- This number is always unbalanced on the nameline, and much like the 29/2 it attracts the wrong people who will exploit the kindness of this vibration. It does not provide enough protection and is not recommended as a namevibration.
Unbalanced.- This name is never harmonious on the nameline as it creates too many problems and issues in regards to leadership. People bearing this number on the nameline has a tendency to overthink and become insecure about their leadership skills, and this creates a person who works extremely hard to become respected but never really recieves the recognition they deserve.
Unbalanced.- This is a very unfortunate namevibration. It creates extremely bad luck and direct misfortune. It attracts accidents and must under no circumstances be placed anywhere in the numeroscope apart from in the higher self.
Balanced.- A very strong namevibration which provides the bearer with charismatic and strong leadership skills. It provides a calm and collected mind who can keep focus in stressed situations and who is very adapt at creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere, even if the situation is chaotic. Perfect for business, this vibration is solid, it knows the facts and always keeps them straight. Trustworthy and a brilliant communicator. Unbalanced.- Speaks too harshly. Becomes scary and very hardcore in their communication. Too competitive and creates an enviroment which is not pleasant to be in.
Balanced.- Very similar to the 24/6 but has its own uniqueness. It is more concerned about worldly issues, and considers all earthlings as a part of their family and therefor feels alot of love and responsability towards humanity as a whole. Is adept and involved in politics that evolves around human rights and social justice. Due to its very strong sense of structure this vibration can help its bearer reach substantial heights in NGO's and politics. Contains a great deal of healing and artistic abilities. Unbalanced.- Feels isolated and alone in its idealistic ideas for humanity. Experiences jealousy from people who either love them or hate them. There can also be problems and drama in the family and in their lovelifes.