Numerology Chart

In Numerology each letter is assigned a number. To calculate your name’s numeric top value, you need to add the numbers and look at the first complete added value you reach.

My own name – Lerke – has the number value 17/8. In Chaldean Numerology we do not just add 1-7 and reach the number 8 alone. In Chaldean Numerology all numbers has meanings. This means that it becomes more complex, but also more precise. 17/8 therefor is not only the number 8 but also 17 and 1 and 7! We also calculate the numbers inside the numbers. But that is abit too complicated to explain in a blog post!

Here is how my name is calculated!

L+E+R+K+E = 3+5+2+2+5 = 17/8

Numerology Chart
A chart depicting the numbers assigned to each letter in the Alphabet according to Chaldean Numerology

In Pythagoran numerology you would add 1+7 = 8, and land on a single digit as the numeric value for your name, but this is not how a Chaldean Numerologist works. Some deeper insights and explanations on this particular subject will follow in upcoming posts!

Try calculating your own name’s numeric value!