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DKK 5,400.00

It is important to get everything right when starting up a new Company, or if already established.


Numerology will always work its wonders for you!


Perfect days, balanced and strong numereric values for Company names will ensure that luck and succes follows your Business.

In order for me to know which of these categories Your Company belongs to – please check – in either BusinessE for Established Companies or BusinessN for new Companies– upon checkout.

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The BusinessE reading consists of a full and indepth analysis of your Company’s current name, Day and Year of establishment, and optimal numeric values – to create new names that will represent Your Business perfectly – plus how the above interact. It also includes a 10 year forecast and 2 PDF’s describing Your Business now and after changing its name! It also includes perfect days to register your website and numeric values for one domain name!

The BusinessN reading consists of optimal numeric values to create names that represents Your new Business perfectly. It also includes perfect dates to establish Your new Business, and a 10 year forecast plus 1 PDF that describes Your new Business and its core vibrations in detail. It also includes perfect days to register your website and numeric values for one domain name!

Business numerology can also be used to create perfect domain names, product names and product pricing. It can be used in any area and will work for You – whether you are a Musician, Artist, Farmer or Bank Manager.

In Case You are interested in more than one domain name, product names and product pricing – please add information about that in the comment section of the contact formular. The price for this particular area will depend on how many products, prices and domains are needed.

Please provide me with information about the direction, and the service or product, You provide to Your customers and clients. This enables me to ENSURE that You receive the most fortunate numeric values and dates for establishing YOUR particular Business endeavour.

The session will be conducted via Skype and Email and takes between 1-3 hours.

You will receive my Skype details in an Email prior to the session.

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The Business

The Busniss reading for the Entrepreneur