The Premium

DKK 3,700.00

This reading is aimed at the person who wants to know WHAT their core strengths and vibrations are, and who also needs a namechange!



The Premium Reading consists of a full analysis of core vibrations, current names, higher self and psychic self and how they interact.

The Premium Reading includes numeric values for NEW names, and a 10 Year forecast, plus 2 PDF’s describing: current names, higher self, psychic self and whatthe new names will bring you in the future.

The Premium Reading takes approximately 1½ hour, and will be conducted via Skype and Email.

I will be of service to help you choose NEW names via Email and Facebook.

In order for me to prepare the session you will have to provide me with: Your current names, day, month and year of birth – in that order – BEFORE we begin the session.

Everything you need to do is written upon checkout.

You will receive my Skype details in an email prior to our session.