The Supreme

DKK 5,500.00

This is the ULTIMATE reading – for the true Connoisseur – who really wants to dive into the depths, and all aspects of their Numeroscope!

The sessions will be conducted via Skype and Email!

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The Supreme Reading will consist of an indepth analysis of: Your higher self, Your psychic self, Your current Numeroscope/names + Your NEW names, and how they interact.

It includes numeric values and guidelines for choosing new names, a reading of your former names, the effect they have had on your life AND an insight into your previous incarnation. – if so desired.

The Supreme Reading takes between 1½-3 hours on Skype, which will give us plenty of time to dive into ALL corners and layers of Your Numeroscope.

Apart from the Skype session, You will also recieve 2 PDF’s containing interpretations of Your; Current names – Your NEW names, Yearly predictions – 10 years ahead! – and what the new names will bring You in the future!

I will be of service in regards to helping You choose the right names via Email or Facebook.

In order for me to prepaire the session, You will have to provide me with: Your current names, former names, day, month and year of birth – in that order – BEFORE we begin the session.

Everything You need to do is written upon checkout.

You will recieve my Skype details in an Email prior to our session.

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The Supreme

The luxury reading for the true Connoisseur