The Tiny

DKK 500.00

The Tiny Reading is like an appetizer!

This is the perfect gift for your best friend, your mother or anyone who is curious about their numbers!

The Tiny Reading offers You a glimpse into the fascinating world of Numerology, and reveals a little bit of what it can say about You! 

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The Tiny reading consists of a FULL analysis of Your core vibration, current names and how they interact. It comes with 1 PDF describing the above!

The Tiny reading will be conducted via Email.

In order for me to prepare  the reading You will have to provide me with Your current names, day, month and Year of birth BEFORE I begin the reading.

Everything You need to do is written upon checkout.

You will receive the Tiny reading in an Email and it takes everything from 3 hours to 7 days to receive it.

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The Tiny

The reading that gives you a glimpse of what numerology can say about you