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Numerology – a Party Trick?

There can be no doubt that Numerology – for Years – has been both used and presented as a Party Trick!

But Numerology is SO much more than a magic rabbit – pulled out of a hat – at a dinner party.

You know the type – the person who sits in any old gathering – be it a dinner party, a friendly get together or family reunion, and has the arrogant notion, that THEY know something that the rest of us mere mortals do not, and THEY have figured everything out, from who you are – to what you think – and how you feel.

They draw this “knowledge” from things like Astrology, Religion, Science, Psychology and yes, even Numerology! Atleast so they say.. The fact is though – most likely they have just touched the surface of these magnificent teachings, and so their “knowledge” becomes shallow and superficial. Anyone claiming to know everything about ANYONE, and to have “figured them out” is, in my honest opinion, delusional.

So with that information in mind – let me now proceed to tell you exactly who you are!!! 

No haha..Joke aside, lets continue!

Zodiac Chart

We might share the same Star Sign, The same Core Vibration, The same Religion and so forth, but in no way does that make us simple beings!

We all have things in common, some more and some less – and it is this diversity, and togetherness, that makes us humans so interesting.

Because – similar or complete opposites – it is how we use the tools given at our disposal, that matters. It is about realising that we actually have the tools – in the first place! – and then utilizing them in the best way possible IF we so choose!

Free will and knowledge plays a tremendous part in how we approach life – and so does the circumstances in which we are born and raised. Even realising that we HAVE free will is an enormous step for some people to take – and even think about. 

The great thing about Numerology is that it can help you become aware of who you are and what tools you have at your disposal – and that it IS NOT a Party Trick.

Sure you can use it as such – but to truly respect the wisdom behind it and learn from it, you cannot treat Numerology in such a trifle manner.

To give you an example, of how Chaldean Numerology isn’t a superficial teaching, I’ll use myself!

My date of birth is the 24th.

From that info alone, a trained Chaldean Numerologist can draw  tremendous amounts of information – about how I process thoughts and how I meet challenges in life, etc – but in no way do they know who I am.

And that – I think – is very important to be mindful of, when embarking down the Numerologists path.

But hey! Back to my core number!

Seeing that my day of birth is the number 24, my core vibration is 6 – or more precisely 24/6.

Being born with my core vibration as the number 6 – I naturally share many things with anyone else in the world who has 6 as their core vibration.

But does that make us the same?


First we look at what branch, of the 6 Family Tree, I belong to.

As mentioned before, my day of birth is 24, so that makes me a 24/6, which is something entirely different from a person born on the 6th!

In the Family Tree of the number 6 we find:
6, 15, and 24 as days of birth. But the 6 Family Tree also includes 33, 42, 51, 60 and many more. All with different expressions of the core vibration 6.

Is that not amazing?

That means that from the day of birth – ALONE – we can begin to narrow down or zoom into what kind of person this particular 6 is!

SO I am a 24/6, what does that mean? And how is that different from a 6 or a 15/6?

Showing a picture of Sandro Botticelli's painting "The birth of Venus"

Lets start with what the core vibration 6 stands for!

The Number 6 is symbolized by the planet Venus and the Goddess Aphrodite. The number 6 is all about Love! It is about love for your children, your partner, your family, your pet dog and anything that the 6 can build a meaningful relationship to. The 6 values close and loving relationships above anything else! You can say that the 6 centers very much around itself in an arms radius. Anyone it can reach and touch, in close proximity, it will take care of, nurture and love with fierceness. The number 6 also puts emphasize on having a beautiful home, with beautiful things, clean windows and clean carpets etc. The 6 is VERY domestic! Beauty is very important to the 6. Not only physical or material beauty, but also spiritual and intellectual beauty. Ugly things, ugly thoughts or vulgarity can feel almost offending to a person with the core vibration 6.

The person with the core vibration 6 – in balance – is all the above.

An unbalanced 6 is the direct opposite!

An unbalanced 6 is all the above, spiced with a remarkable temper! It can be overly dramatic and feel ever so much as a victim of circumstances and feel that no one loves them, or takes care of them. To feel unloved or unappreciated is the worst thing you can do to a 6! They need love and if they do not get it, or feel they dont get it, they can become overly dramatic, furious and oh so very very tired and sad…

 Most people, with the core vibration 6, experience a bit of both due to their Numeroscopes being off balance.

The core challenge for all people with the core vibration 6, is to manage their tempers and to not allow themselves to be used or taken advantage of. They also need to keep their tendency of going full martyr in check!

So HOW does this differ from the 15/6 or the 24/6?

Well as metioned before, they ALL share the pure 6 vibration described above.

But now with different numbers added into the mix – we also get other aspects and influences into the mix!

Lets start with 15/6!

15/6 is derived from two additional numbers. The number 1 and the number 5. Added together they become 6 – but not “only” the number 6.

The number 1 represents the Sun. It is ruled by the Goddess Athena and the God Apollon. It is ambitious, it is bright and full of light, and has infinite amounts of optimism! The number 1 radiates light to shine into the darkness – upon anyone and everything else. It is the good son/daughter. It is very focused, being number two is NOT an option! It is a true winner, independent and strong and does not care THAT much for others. Not that it doesnt like other people, it just doesnt need them as much as the other numbers, and can become quite perplexed if confronted with the needs of others and accusations of egoism. The number 1 isn’t egoistic, it just doesnt notice the people around it, due to its own light – burning so bright! It is happiness, it is joy, it is ONWARDS!!!

As you can tell the number 1 is VERY different from the number 6!

Apart from the number 1, we also have the number 5 in 15/6.

Where as 1 is the vibration going out from 15/6, 5 is the vibration that goes inwards. Meaning that 5 represents how the 15/6 thinks and processes experiences and emotions.

5 belongs the planet Mercury, and just like the metal Mercury, it is ever flowing and in constant movement! It is represented by Hermes, and just like him, it has wings on its feet and is as fast as the wind. You can never quite catch or contain him! Hermes is the messenger of the gods and so the number 5 is – ofcourse – all about communication! It is a very likeable and lucky number. Everyone loves to talk to the 5, and the 5 loves to talk to you too! – but before you know it, the 5 has gone to talk to someone else!

Keep in mind now that the 5 in 15/6 is all about what happens on the inside, the brain, emotions and feelings. It represents a very very sharp mind.

So now I want you to imagine you have the number 6, Venus, as your body.

The number 1, The Sun, Apollon, as the right hand and outgoing side of your body, and the number 5, Mercury, Hermes, as a representative of your left side, the inward turning, your mind and your emotions.

Can you picture this?

A loving, and romantic person, who shines his/her bright light into others, while being able to transport him/herself AND other people mentally to all corners of the Universe?

Can you imagine what a fascinating version of the 6 this is?

Can you imagine how dreadfully charming this person must be?

The tarot card representing 15/6 is..dundundun, the devil!

But that is very misleading, or atleast it is very misunderstood. 15/6 is representative of the seductive and alluring feminine, and is extremely charismatic and powerful. It is about love, both emotionally and intellectually but also physically. The 15/6 is a very very sexy number…

It has the ability to shine into others and transport them to other realms, and is therefore considered to possess a certain magical allure. 15/6 is very common to find in people who chooses acting or singing as a profession.

Isn’t that cool?

Lets move on to the number 24/6!

This particular 6 is derived from adding 2 and 4 together.

The number 2 belongs to the Moon. It is symbolized by water and the Goddess Persephone. It represents the subconscious, and emotions. Its archetype is The Artist. It is about flow and Harmony. The Moon is very receptive, it reflects the Suns light, and shines with a dim and soft glow. The number 2 longs to connect and find meaningful relationships. It does not enjoy disharmony and can become quite depressed, and even sick, if it senses that vibrations are “out of tune”. People with the number 2 as their core vibration very often has healing and clairvoyant abilities and can sense other peoples emotions. The number 2 is the connecter between You and Me! So all in all a very sensitive, intuitive, and perceptive vibration.

Whereas the number 2 is the outgoing side of 24, 4 is the number going inwards. And just like the 5 in 15/6 it is representative of how the 24 processes emotions and thoughts. It is the intellectual side of the 24.

The number 4 belongs to the planet Uranus, and just like the planet the number 4 can shift dramatically between winter and summer! It can be ice cold, silent and almost cynically intellectual, it has piercing analytical abilities and has a direct connection to cosmos where it downloads brilliant ideas, that most often are pure genius! The number 4 is about order and structure – and turning it upside down – to do it better or just differently! The number 4 needs time alone to think. It cannot be bothered with the noise of the human world at times. Although a number that craves its own space and time, it also is a very curious number, and will ask about anything it wants to know or learn more about. The number 4 is a very clever and unique number!

Now I want you to imagine the 24/6!

6 is the body. Full of love for everything!
2 is the outgoing, right side of the body. Perceptive, intuitive, soft and pleasing to be around. 4 is the left side, going inwards. Representing a brilliant mind, with strokes of genius and an ability to turn everything upside down, to make it better, or just new and different!

The tarot card representing the 24/6 is called The Queen of Wands and represents Harmony and Wisdom. It is a very fortunate number!


So now you know the difference, and the similarities between the numbers 6 – 15/6, and 24/6!

Isnt it funny how different they all are, and still they belong to the same Family Tree of 6?

Bear in mind that I have only touched the surface of what Numerology can do. I havent even talked about the numbers inside these numbers! Nor have I talked about the influence of the month or the year I was born in, or the effect my names have on my Numeroscope!

And so much more!

Can you sense, a little bit, of how deep we can continue into the many different layers of Numerology?

I sure hope so!

Numerology is NOT a Party Trick!

Thank you for your time, take real good care! Till we meet again..

Lerke Savannah Karlsen – Chaldean Numerologist