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The Relationship between Numbers

Did you know that some numbers connects more positive to certain numbers, than they do to others?

And that some numbers
enjoy eachothers company, where other numbers are direct polar opposites who do not enjoy “hanging out” and repels eachother?

Lerke Savannah Karlsen
Lerke Savannah Karlsen10 months ago
"The universe exists solely of waves of motion.There exists nothing other than vibration."
~ Walter Russell
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Lerke Savannah Karlsen11 months ago
Der er forår i luften her på gården ❤️
Lerke Savannah Karlsen
Lerke Savannah Karlsen11 months ago
Det sværeste ved at være Numerolog er at lade være med at kigge ind i sine bedste venners Numeroskoper...
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Lerke Savannah Karlsen
Lerke Savannah Karlsen2 years ago
🌺Hvad betyder det når et tal er ubalanceret?🌺

Alle tal påvirker hinanden🎼

De kan "skrue op" for de omkringstående tal, eller vælte dem ud af kurs!

🧝‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧙‍♂️🧟‍♀️Lidt ligesom forskellige mennesker kan have positive eller negative indflydelser på familie, venner og bekendte, så kan tal også have positive eller negative indflydelser på hinanden.🧟‍♀️🧙‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧝‍♀️

Ens egen grundvibration kan blive påvirket af et ubalanceret navn, og ubalancen kan komme fra tallene på navnelinien, som enten er for kraftige, svage eller simpelthen bare ikke passer sammen med grundvibrationen!

Det betyder at man oplever de ubalancerede egenskaber af både sin egen grundvibration, men også af den ubalancerede navneværdi!

Så en bestemt navnevibration kan fungere helt perfekt for den ene grundvibration, og slet ikke fungere for den anden.

Det er derfor vi som Numerologer går ind og justerer på navnelinien, så alting spiller perfekt med hvert enkelt menneskes grundvibration og højere selv!

🤩Det ville jo, helt ærligt, også være kedeligt hvis vi alle gik rundt og hed det samme, for vi er jo ikke ens🤩

Er du interesseret i en tolkning, eller et navneskift, så alting i dit liv kan gå op i en højere enhed?

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Kh Lerke 🥰😘🧚‍♀️
Lerke Savannah Karlsen

A picture depicting the Number Quadrant with numbers from 1-9

All numbers belongs to one big family!

But just like in any other family some numbers prefer eachothers company, and others do not!

On the physical plane we have 1-2-3. They are all about actions in the physical world.

  1. Is the beginning of everything in the physical world, and represents drive, courage and optimism.
  2. Is about being present in the physical world and in life, and establishes flow and connections.
  3. Is a “go getter” and accomplishes projects and goals with great succes in the physical world.

1 Is the visionary who starts projects, 2 establishes connections and makes sure that everything is perfectly lined up and ensures that connections are taken care of to see the project off to success, and 3 is the accomplisher who completes the projects and who might expand them even further.

Naturally these 3 numbers work well together and enjoys eachothers company, you almost cant have one without the other! They all enjoy luxury and earthly possesions, and food!

On the Astral, or emotional plane, we have the numbers 4-5-6.

They are all about communicating thoughts, emotions, and share ideas and learn from eachothers experiences. It is not about earthly possesions or riches. Their prime focus is intellectual and emotional subjects and it is crucial for them to be able to talk about all their different thoughts and feelings. And they do this very well! Whilst they are all very stubborn emotionally they still enjoy and crave different opinions, and become bored if they do not get this sort of interaction.

  • 4. Is about its own experiences. It shares its thoughts, ideas and emotional knowledge, which it has in abundance, via its direct connection to cosmos.
  • 5. Shares its ideas about life, and exchanges thoughts through communication.
  • 6. Wants to understand other people, exchange feelings and share life with others.

So you can say that 4 thinks all the brilliant thoughts and thinks up new psychology books, where 5 spreads the ideas of the 4 – far and wide – to make sure everyone knows about them. 5 sells the books! 6 then buys the books and wants to understand and embrace all these new concepts, in order to love and be loved, and be able to live life in harmony with ALL the other numbers. These 3 numbers have a natural affinity for eachother, but make no mistake! Debates can be VERY loud between them! They talk and share alot, both thoughts, ideas AND emotions!

7-8 and 9, all belongs to the Spiritual plane.

These numbers all seek some sort of Spiritual and Etheric understanding. They all want to reach the highest levels of consciousness and be outstanding experts in fields that has to do with Spirituality or Religion etc. They are about adhering to the highest Etheral and Spiritual laws.

  • 7. Dreams and has a strong intuition, is very poetic and creative. The 7 lives in the spirit, it belongs to and has direct connection to the Etheric plane and has an “Elf” like vibe!
  • 8. Is all about following the Universal laws of order. Everything is taken into consideration or contemplation with that as a guideline. It is like a Universal Curator that overlooks everything and makes sure everything happens according to the laws of the Universe.
  • 9. Is about enlightenment and perfection. It is about creating a new spiritual order. The 9 wants to lift humanity as a whole to higher levels of consciousness.

Common for 7-8-9 is that they can easilly function without eachother, but WHEN they meet, they very much enjoy being in eachothers presence.

Apart from the Physical, Astral and Spiritual plane we also divide the numbers into 3 other categories.

  1. The Inner World. The Me.
  2. The Balance, the relationship between The Me and the Outside World.
  3. The Outer Objective World.
The Monad: a symbol of being One with Everything.

1-4 and 7 all belong to the Inner World, The Me category.

1 is about MY drive forward in the physical world. 4 is about processing its OWN experiences and to transfer them to ideas mentally. 7 uses its OWN sense of creativity and its intuition to understand ITSELF.

These three numbers all share their interest in the persona and acts from a subjective point of view. The way they orientate their gaze is from The Me and out towards the Outside World.

2-5 and 8 Maintains Balance between the Inner and Outer World. Between Me and Society.

2 senses, feels, adapts and uses its OWN sensations to maintain flow with the Outside World, 5 processes things mentally and communicates its OWN ideas to the surrounding Outside World, 8 rethinks and restructures its OWN experiences in communion with the Outside World.

3-6 and 9 all operates in the Outer World and focuses their gaze away from themselves and towards others. They all care deeply for society and feels great responsibility towards humanity. They want to be a part of society and engage in activities that benefits their community.

3 wants to expand and achieve succes in society and the Outside World, 6 needs to interact socially, emotionally and mentally with the Outside World, 9 wants to reach higher levels and set new spiritual standards for humanity as a whole, in the Outside World.

As you can see many numbers shares alot of the same areas of interest, and get along perfectly fine, which is great! Else society would be complete chaos with people arguing and not getting along!

But there are a few numbers who do have real problems getting along, and this can create problems in relationships, or in the numeroscope!

The most intense disagreement – or conflict – is between the 4 and the 8.

Both numbers are very strong! Strong opinions, strong wills but on entirely different planes and this can make them collide and conflict.

Einstein being a rebel!

The 4 is about new ideas, brilliant thoughts, about turning over the status quo and doing things differently and in new and better ways!

They are the innovators of the World and their impact on science, design and so forth is so huge that they are remembered even after death.

Einstein is a brilliant example of the genius of the 4!

The Titan God Kronos curating time

The number 8 is about maintaining balance. It is very conservative, and if you picture the Titan God Kronos, who was in charge of the different seasons on Earth and time, you can readilly imagine just how powerful this number is!

Everything has to happen according to the laws of the Universe.

There is no room for errors or being creative in how we run the World, as it could lead to natural disasters, if anything goes wrong!

So here we have the 4 with all its brilliant new ideas standing next to the 8, which is highly conservative and maintains order.

Can you imagine the clashes betweens these two giants? It is like two insanely powerful magnets repelling one another!

Everytime the 4 gets a new brilliant idea, the 8 will become aggravated as it stirs up the natural order of things! The 4 having tendencies of being a little rebel and sometimes having problems with authorities, will start provoking and tease the 8 who will get furious, and use all its curator power to reign in the 4!

None of the two will succeed as they are equally strong and the energy that sparks from their encounter is rather atomic! You can pick these opposing energies out in your circle of friends, if there are two people who do not get along they just might be 4 and 8!

You can also feel it as a conflict within yourself, or maybe observe it as a conflict in a person you know. This conflict is so intense it is said to cause autism!

Another interesting, but not destructive relation, is between the 6 and the 7.

Mother Earth

6 is all about sharing emotions, talking about emotions, and learning how to embrace other peoples emotions to be able to love them and feel loved in return.

A Fairy Princess

The 7 – however – exists on the etheral plane, and is very otherworldly and can seem highly aloof to the 6!

It is like a Fairy Princess meeting Mother Earth!

The 7 does’nt neccesarilly want to talk about their emotions or need help with processing them or understanding them. This leaves the 6 in a sort of limbo because all its warm feelings and understanding towards it disappears into the etheric world of the 7 as it isnt needed. It sort of evaporates! This can confuse the 6 as it feels genuine love to ALL beings on this Earth, but the 7 just dont need to be cradled and has its own inner selfmaintanence. The moment the 6 understands that this being just exists on a whole new level, than anybody else, it will accept and appreciate the 7 and see it as a beautiful spirit that kindly visits planet Earth to teach us about the Ether.

There is also an interesting conflict between the 2 and the 9.

2 represents the softest of soft, 9 represents the strongest of strong!

This can cause quite destructive situations where the 9 overrules the 2 and “breaks” it. It is as if the 2 provokes the 9 with its softness, which makes the 9 energy become WAY to powerful and dominant.

None of these two numbers enjoys this situation!

9 is the leader, and as a leader you want to make sure everything and everyone is doing good and progressing in life. Seeing how it cannot control its temper towards the 2 makes the 9 angry, at itself, and sad on behalf of the 2!

2 is the maintainer of flow and will always try to adapt and repair bad situations. Meaning it will become softer and even more of a pleaser, on the verge of selfdestruction, when the 9 unfolds its wrath, and the 9 just cant handle this!

It is like a bad loop that never stops!

The Good Shepherd

Unless – ofcourse – we balance it out with powerful numbers which are made to handle this particular task!

And that is where Numerology really shines!

There is no numeroscope or number so bad that it cannot be balanced out by other powerful numbers!

There are many more interesting relationships between the numbers!

Especially the triads of 3-6-9 and 5-4-8 and 5-3-8 and many more!

I will reserve these subjects for another blog post!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit of the relationship between the numbers!

Have an absolutely amazing day!

Lerke Savannah Karlsen

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