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Numerology – An introduction

What makes the human psyche?
Is it our upbringing? Is it our DNA? Or is it abit of both?

Could it be that there is something more – to the creation of the human mind and soul – than what we are taught by society?
Could it be that there lies a mystery and a secret to how we can truly become ourselves?
And could it be that we are not just a product of society and random circumstances – but of something bigger?

According to the teachings of the Chaldeans, it very much is a fact, that we are not merely the product of our environment – or random circumstances – but of something bigger. There is something more that creates our way of thinking and what we encounter in life, and it can work with us – or against us. The knowledge of what this something is has long been lost and forgotten.

Now – thanks to The Ancient teachings of Numerology by the Chaldeans – we have acces to – yet again – figure out, and read, what it is that makes up the human psyche and soul .

We now have acces to “fixing” the obstacles – that works against us and hinders us in moving forward in our lives – and become whole and happy human beings.

Numerology is the art of harmonizing, and bringing each individual persons unique qualities and talents to the forefront

Numerology is the key to understanding your inner strengths and potentials, and also address and sort out the issues that might stop you from moving forward in Life.

Numerology is the tool YOU need to take charge of your own life and – finally – become the most amazing version of yourself!

Deep inside your  unique Numeroscope lies the secrets and the truths of who you really are.

Lerke Savannah Karlsen – Chaldean Numerologist