Mianne Diccte Saraphina Munch

13 Years ago I changed my name via an “ordinary” Numerologist, and I have been happy about the name for many Years.

Now however I felt it was time for a new change as I need different “tools” going forward in life.

My experience with Lerke Savannah Karlsen is absolutely fantastic. She was able to describe my souls abilities, and qualities, and my mission – or my job, here on Earth – just by looking at my numbers.

I really felt seen and understood in a completely new way. Lerkes way of doing numerology is in a totally different category and class than my old Numerologist.

I feel safe following her advice in regards to both my personal numeroscope and my new company and new website.

She has understood what I need and where I want to be in my life at this point.

Lerke has my warmest recommendations.

She is both sweet and kind, and an amazing Numerologist.

Mianne Diccte Saraphina Munch


Mianne Diccte Saraphina MunchReiki Healer, Access Bars and spiritual Artist.Mester-sjæl.comDenmark, Greve.